Print-at-Home Coupons are alive and well

For many CPG brands, there is no better or more efficient way to distribute a targeted offer than through a print-at-home manufacturer’s coupon program. When considering a print-at-home program, you want the most flexibility and customization possible, without waiting days or weeks to launch an offer. Furthermore, you want straight-forward pricing without long-term “gotcha” contracts.

Hundreds of CPG companies across the US & Canada find exactly that with the PromotionPod Digital Coupon Management Platform. A true platform-as-a-service (PaaS) approach gives brand managers the most control over their offer and their budgets. Brands can select a “pay-as-you-go” pricing model with no contract or choose an annual plan that provides flat-rate pricing with so much value-add, you’ll wonder why you ever paid extra just to run the program the way you want. How’s that for a fresh approach?

PromotionPod has put the consumer experience first. The PromotionPod Coupon Management Platform puts the consumer experience first. Consumers can print seamlessly across all devices, including mobile, tablets, notebooks, laptops – just about any device that can connect to a printer. For consumers, it’s a frustration-free experience, with easy, one-click printing across all devices, no downloads, and no login or registration required. Your consumers will have a quick and easy experience printing your coupons. What if the consumer is not near a printer at the time? PromotionPod has the best solution; the consumer can simply email, text, or copy a link for printing later. It’s a modern approach to how consumers want to access coupons in today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

Not only is the consumer experience easy, it is also contained on your page. You simply place the iframe on your page, and the entire experience happens there. No links to follow, and no registration required. You control the experience and keep consumers on your brand pages. No time to build a page? No problem! PromotionPod offers UNLIMITED Customized landing pages with any offer set up! It is a completely hosted experience without involving your dev or IT team.

Many brands use PromotionPod to create targeted offers not only for their own websites, but also for email subscribers and through rewards programs, via email or text, on social media, PPC, and more. The PromotionPod Digital Coupon Management Platform offers UNLIMITED channels for promotion of any offer – promote anywhere, without restrictions or paying extra. It is your offer and PromotionPod gives you complete control.

There is so much value baked into every offer set up in PromotionPod. All offers can be displayed in its own iframe on an UNLIMITED number of pages, and it can also be displayed in an UNLIMITED number of coupon galleries, hosted on your pages, or using customized landing pages hosted by PromotionPod. No additional feels. No matter how or where you promote, the PromotionPod platform will manage your limits per person and total limits across all your channels.

Create a gallery of coupons on your own page for all visitors or display a special locked gallery of coupons only available to your email subscribers. Give consumers a choice from all displayed offers, or limit choices to a certain number of offers. It is as flexible and customizable as you want.

While offers can live in an unlimited number of galleries, in an unlimited combination of offers, each offer is self-contained within its own individual iframe that provides mobile optimized images with customizable consumer journeys. Its quick and all part of the package, no hassle, with no extra fees.

PromotionPod’s offers are both consumer-friendly and can be public-facing or secured. For consumers, it’s a frustration-free experience, with easy, one-click printing across all devices, no downloads, and no login or registration required. For special targeted offers, brands can rest easy knowing that the coupons are made available via secured, one-time use tokenized web links. And all offers are serialized, allowing for fraud detection and trackability.

And once your coupon campaign is off and running, PromotionPod offers easy-to-use dashboards allowing you to track your offer’s performance in real time. Follow consumers’ path to purchase by detecting where they see your offer, what prompts them to click, print and redeem, and learn how to keep them engaged with future offers that will turn one-time deal-seekers into loyal customers. The PromotionPod platform allows you to manage your offers quickly and easily, all within your account without having to contact a representative. Want to add more prints to a coupon campaign? Just click and check out, and the prints are added in real time. It’s the PaaS approach so many brands are loving.

The PromotionPod platform can be completely self-service, or full-service – the choice is yours. PromotionPod is easy to work with and offers a simple solution that will allow you to go from account setup to live coupon offers in no time, with the most flexible, customizable and easy-to-use print-at-home experience in the market.

Find out for yourself why hundreds of the top CPG brands have used the PromotionPod platform for targeted print-at-home programs. Contact us to learn how you can get started with a fresh approach to print-at-home offers.