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Why We Do What We Do And Why You Should Too

The traditional shopping experience has changed dramatically over the last several years, and it will continue to change as consumers are demanding more intimate and exclusive relationships with the brands they support. New consumers want to reach and connect directly with the CPG brand manufacturer and not just the retailer.

Consumers want to know their preferred brands are:


To reach your consumers’ wallets, you must first reach their heart. Creating an emotional connection is key to driving long-term profitable sales. The PromotionPod digital coupon platform gives you the ability to create a great digital coupon experience and controls the messaging to your consumers.

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Move Consumers Towards Your Own Web Properties

  • Increasingly, consumers want to learn more about the brands they support, and they want to view and connect with brands’ owned web pages, not necessarily through social sites. Building a strong communication effort that answers consumers’ questions and needs, is paramount in becoming connected emotionally to your consumers. Building a strong web property takes time, but starting now is key.

Collect Valuable Consumer Data

  • Build consumer profiles by collecting data as consumers interact with your site. Collecting and managing your own consumer data puts the power back in your hands and gives you the ability to control the communication experience. In this world of big data, making better data-driven decisions is possible, and those who hold the consumer relationship and data make the rules. It’s time for CPG brands to make the rules.

Leverage Direct-to-Consumer Relationships

  • Driving traffic to your site just begins to open the door to many possibilities. Creating an emotional connection and custom content not only strengthens your relationship with your consumer, but it also sets the stage for understanding the next generation of the consumers’ path to purchase, shopping trends, and product development. Co-development of new products is just one way CPG brands can leverage the direct-to-consumer relationship. Creating engaging content and providing valuable information about products builds trust and encourages consumers to share positive experiences with others on social media.

Build Long Term Meaningful Relationships

  • Become a trusted source of information, recipes, meal tips, and an exclusive source for coupon offers. Consumers love great information that makes their lives easier, and they also want valuable money-saving offers delivered to them directly from the CPG brand. There is no better way to encourage participation in surveys, providing information, or social sharing of content, than by offering a digital coupon as a reward. Creating a regular and consistent dialogue between your CPG brands and consumers builds over time and creates a bond that produces more sales at better margins.

Long-Term Strategy

  • Consumers may not line up at your door immediately; it will take time. Building powerful and engaging web properties that attract millions of visitors will not happen overnight. The fact is, even the largest coupon aggregator site didn’t happen overnight. It took years to build a following and brands should continue to use those sites while building out a longer-term and more sustainable solution. Start to create great experiences with consumers on your web properties, build campaigns that reach your customer’s hearts and connect them emotionally to your CPG brand. The benefits of such a strategy pay off gradually at first, but then build exponentially over time. The key is to get started now.

CPG Brands Who Own the Consumer Win…Others Get Left Behind

  • Many large CPG brands have already begun to implement this type of a strategy. Brands have begun to understand the need to manage and control all aspects of the consumer connection and experience. As consumers increasingly look towards the product manufacturer to provide information and a connection, CPG brands must respond with a long-term plan that acquires and retains its consumers. Those brands who do not begin to connect directly with consumers will be left behind, and consumers will find alternative brands that have created a long-term mutually-beneficial relationship that builds loyalty and profitable sales.

And much, much more…

PromotionPod’s functionality doesn’t stop there. In fact, we are constantly developing and launching new features and programs to help you to better reach your customers. Want to hear more? Or find out if your particular program is possible in PromotionPod? Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to guide you through PromotionPod!