CPG Digital Coupon Programs

Digital Coupon Programs

PromotionPod creates effective digital coupon programs for CPG brands and Shopper Marketing agencies. With decades of industry experience and a proven track-record, we can help you launch programs designed specifically to meet your objectives. From gaining trial from new users to increasing purchases from existing consumers, PromotionPod’s digital coupon management platform powers leading brands’ coupon programs. Below are just a few examples of the types of digital coupon programs we create every day. We love to build custom programs, too. Contact us to learn more.

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Shopper Marketing Coupon Strategies

  • High Value Coupons

    Build loyalty and create positive brand experiences for your customers with reward coupons and high value coupons. PromotionPod’s powerful customizable coupon creator lets you create compelling and effective promotional incentives for customers, including free product offers. And powerful security features allow you to target your coupons and prevent abuse!

  • Social Media Coupons for Advertising

    Grow your followings on Facebook, Instagram and more while your coupon campaign promotes your product. In addition to delivering your offer, coupon banners can also drive customers to your social media outlets where they can be further educated on your products by your brand, and by other customers.

  • Age and Location Gated Coupons

    The ability to get your coupons to the right target markets is critical, and PromotionPod’s powerful gating options let you do just that! Simply create a coupon, and then specify specific ages, states, ZIP codes, or coordinates where you want your coupon to be shared. Or use our powerful, yet simple-to-use, conditional logic, which lets you fine tune your promotional campaigns to perfection!

  • New Product Launch Coupons

    PromotionPod is the ideal coupon management system for new product launches. Easily create coupons for your new products, and implement them on coupon microsites, print and digital coupon campaigns, and social media. Additionally, we offer FREE social sharing features to help empower your customers to share your coupons and create extra buzz for your new products.

  • Coupons for microsites

    Share your coupons across multiple marketing channels with PromotionPod’s powerful microsite features. Our coupon management system lets you easily create coupons and embed them on your website, microsites, and landing pages. This approach lets you create compelling content pages that call customers’ attention to a single product and action.

  • Email coupons

    Wish you could get your coupons into customer inboxes? Now you can! Easily create and email coupons to your customers with PromotionPod’s intuitive email coupon creator. Combined with our powerful security features, you can now distribute your coupons via email to known customers and allow sharing of your promotions or limit access to prevent abuse—all with just a few clicks.

  • Retailer-Specific Coupons

    Encourage customers to redeem your coupons at specific retail locations and stores with PromotionPod’s retailer-specific customizable coupons. Simply create a coupon using one of our easy-to-use coupon templates. Add a retailer’s logo and create a unique offer to drive consumer traffic to a particular store or group of stores. Then let PromotionPod handle the rest.

  • Flash Sale Coupons

    Want to drive heavy customer traffic over a short period of time? PromotionPod lets you create limited time offers and promotional incentives that drive increased traffic to stores. These limited-time special one- to three-day flash sales are a great way to create increased demand for your products and an effective ways to drive more coupon redemptions.

  • Free Product Coupons

    Free product coupons are perhaps the most difficult promotional incentives for manufacturers and brands to pull off successfully. But PromotionPod makes it easy and secure! Take advantage of PromotionPod’s powerful features that let you create great coupon offers, while limiting coupon abuse.

  • Newsletter Coupons

    PromotionPod lets you create coupons, promotional incentives, and exclusive deals for your customer newsletters. This is an effective way for you to incentivize new customers to sign up for your newsletters and content, and also a great way to share coupons with your existing customer base.

  • Personalized Coupons

    Want to speak directly to individual customers in a personalized and meaningful way? PromotionPod allows you to easily create customized and personalized coupons for your subscribers, whether for a special event (such as birthday) or to drive sales of specific products! Unique tracking codes let you limit redemptions to specific customers and track which customers are redeeming your coupon offers.

  • Media-Enhanced Coupons

    Create coupons that are both visually beautiful and compelling with PromotionPod! From images to videos, our coupon management platform allows you to turbo-charge your promotional incentives, drive customer engagement, and increase your ROI by including media on your coupon programs.

  • One-time View Coupons

    Do you want to limit the number of times your digital coupons can be viewed? PromotionPod allows you to create unique coupon links that will lock once the offer is viewed by a customer. This is a great way to prevent coupon abuse and lock down your campaigns. This functionality is also customizable for each coupon campaign.

  • Customer Information Capture

    Build your customer databases and capture more customer information with PromotionPod’s powerful information capture features. By asking your customers for information before they are able to print your digital coupons, you are able to build high-quality customer data and glean insights into who your customers are and what they like. You can then use this data to followup with additional promotional incentives or marketing communications.


  • Completely Customizable Coupons

    Create beautiful coupons in a matter of minutes! Our powerful coupon creator lets you create customized, branded coupons with just a few clicks.

  • Real-time Tracking and Coupon Analytics

    Track the effectiveness of your coupon campaigns and incentive programs with real-time tracking, analytics, and reporting!

  • Social Media Links

    After coupon is delivered, drive traffic to your social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, and nurture customer’s emotional connection to your brand.

  • Age and Location Gating

    Ensure you’re getting your coupons to the right customers with powerful age and location gating features.

  • Powerful Security Features

    Our powerful security features allow you to create personalized and customizable coupons for your customers—all without losing that personal touch!

  • Print & Digital Promotion Solutions for Your Brand

    Be flexible with your promotional incentives by allowing your customers to print coupons at home, or utilize our mailing coupon services to deliver coupons right to your customers’ front doors!

And much, much more…

PromotionPod’s functionality doesn’t stop there. In fact, we are constantly developing and launching new platform management features and programs to help you to better reach your customers. Want to hear more? Or find out if your particular program is possible in PromotionPod? Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to guide you through PromotionPod!