The PromotionPod Advantage

PromotionPod works with the top FMCG brands and Shopper Marketing Agencies across the United States and Canada. Our innovative digital coupon management system supports the latest shopper marketing trends and produces higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates. Build direct-to-consumer relationships with digital coupon programs hosted on your own websites, social sites, and media platforms. 

  • Mobile Coupon Development
  • Coupon Gating Features
  • Mobile Friendly Printing
  • 24-Hour Program Launch
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Frictionless Consumer Experience
  • Consumer Data Collection
  • 20+ Years Industry Experience
  • Location-Based Targeting
  • Social Media Supported Coupons
  • Media Channel Tracking
  • Mail-to-Home Coupons

Custom CPG Coupon Programs

Reward Coupons
and High Value Coupons

Provide your customers with a positive brand experience and continue to build their loyalty to your products with high value coupons and reward coupon promotions.

Social Media
Advertising Coupons

Grow your following - Promote your coupons on Social Media and use the coupon banner to lead consumers back to your social media properties.

Gated Coupons

Increase the effectiveness of your digital promotions with PromotionPod’s powerful gated coupon creator. This feature allows you to target coupons to specific states, ZIP codes, or coordinates.

New Product Launch Coupons

PromotionPod lets you easily create compelling coupon microsites, digital coupons, and social coupons to drive the success of your latest products. And FREE social sharing features create extra buzz for your new products.

Coupons for Microsites

Our coupon management system allows you to easily create coupons and embed them in microsites or landing pages, allowing you to call attention to a single product and a single call to action.

Email Coupons

Easily create and email coupons to your customers with PromotionPod’s email coupon creator. Powerful security features also allow you to limit your promotions to specific customers and prevent sharing.

Retailer-Specific Coupons

Encourage coupon redemption at specific retailers by customizing one of our coupon templates with a retailer logo and create a unique offer to drive consumer traffic to a particular store or stores.

Flash Sale Coupons

Create limited time offers and promotional incentives that drive heavy traffic to stores. These special one- to three-day flash sales are effective ways to drive coupon redemptions over a short period of time.

Free Product Coupons

Create coupons and promotional incentives for FREE products, and take advantage of PromotionPod’s special security features that help you prevent and limit abuse.

Newsletter Coupons

Create coupons, promotional incentives, and exclusive deals in a matter of minutes, and share them with your newsletter subscribers or a targeted membership group.

Personalized Coupons

Speak directly to individual customers with personalized coupons. PromotionPod allows you to easily create personalized coupons for your subscribers and incentivize new consumers to sign up for your special offers!

Media Enhanced Coupons

Our coupon management platform also allows you to turbo-charge your promotional incentives, drive customer engagement, and increase your ROI with media, including images and videos.

Guide Traffic

Spark further engagement. Use custom links to funnel customers to your website, microsite or additional landing page.

One-time View Coupons

Want to limit how many times your digital coupons can be viewed? PromotionPod allows you to create unique links for each coupon that will lock after the link is viewed by an individual consumer.

Capture Information

Build your customer databases by asking your customers for information before they are able to print your digital coupons. And then you can use this data to followup with additional promotions or marketing communications.