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The PromotionPod digital coupon platform provides CPG brands and shopper marketing agencies with the best in-class features that help optimize your campaign’s effectiveness. We work with hundreds of the world’s best brands to help create the most effective digital coupon campaigns in the market. With decades of targeted digital coupon experience, we have built the most efficient and effective coupon platform available.

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Better Coupon Delivery Options

  • Easy Print-At-Home Coupons

    The PromotionPod digital coupon platform provides the easiest, most reliable coupon experience for consumers. Increase your conversion rates while making your consumers happy. This ease of use translates into higher prints versus clicks, and happier customers. Maximize your results while minimizing your media expenditure. Deliver digital coupons to consumers in the most effective manner possible across all devices.

  • Mobile Coupons

    Building mobile coupons for the right brand gives way to new and exciting features. Mobile is dominant in every channel and consumers love getting purely mobile coupons. Mobile coupons can be delivered though texts, emails, ads, social posts and just about any other way you can think of. Our hosted-mobile coupons are fully-loaded with great features that allow you to display unique bar codes, limited time offers, geo-fenced programs, in-store and in-aisle deliveries to reach consumers while they are shopping. Consumers can redeem immediately direct from their phones while in-store. You get instant redemption feedback loops which open the floodgates to new ideas that the market has yet to see.

  • Mail-To-Home Coupons

    Deliver high value offers directly to your consumers’ doors. The PromotionPod digital coupon platform provides an easy and affordable print-on-demand program for brands to create personalized offers and have them delivered via first class US Postal mail. All mailed coupons are printed on blue security stock that detects photocopying and renders copies “void”. This is a great choice for high value coupons sent from customer service departments or special reward coupons.

Robust Analytics and Event Tracking

  • Real-Time Campaign Monitoring

    Our data snapshots and dashboards provide the desired KPI’s at your fingertips and in real-time. You can track your progress as it happens. You can see which media channels are performing better than others and learn who is clicking and printing, and from where. Connect all the data points to give you true insights into your campaign’s performance.

  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Integration

    Not only can you track your events using our dashboard and reporting tools, but you can also track all events with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Each coupon campaign you set up can connect to your GA and GTM accounts. This is a great feature for shopper marketing agencies who want to track campaign effectiveness through these 3rd party programs.

  • Third-Party Tracking Pixel Integration

    The PromotionPod digital coupon software gives you the option to place third-party tracking pixels (like Floodlight tags) on each coupon campaign you set up. Adding tracking pixels gives even additional flexibility and visibility into your CPG brand’s digital coupon campaign.

  • Media Channel Tracking

    Create an unlimited number of media trackers that allow you to track your CPG brand’s media spend by channel. See which channels are performing and which are not. Instantly view each media channel and track events in real-time. Optimize your media on-the-fly and improve your media spend during the campaign.

Set Budgetary Goals and Limits

  • Master Coupon Print Limits

    Every digital coupon campaign allows you to set specific limits for each coupon to control how many coupons are in the market at any given time. You will get automatic notices along the way to keep you up-to-date with how your campaign is performing. Once your limit is reached your coupon will no longer allow consumers to print it, thus helping you to maintain your budgeted goals and stay within your cost constraints.

  • Per Person Coupon Print Limits

    Further define your coupon limits by setting up per person limits. This limit controls how many times a person can receive your coupon. The PromotionPod digital coupon platform offers several ways to limit by person. You can ensure that your coupon campaign dollars will go farther when you properly manage per person limits.

Scalable Coupon Campaign Options

  • Single Coupon Campaign

    Create and market a single coupon campaign designed to promote a particular offer. This digital coupon strategy allows you to focus on one product line and deliver a great experience for your consumer. Using our single display banner (rich media ad unit), you can offer a specific coupon to your targeted consumers and provide a quick and customized experience.

  • Multi-Coupon Campaign

    Build a multi-coupon strategy that promotes and hosts many coupons all at the same time. Using our gallery feature, you can display dozens, or hundreds of coupons on your website and social channels giving consumers the option to pick and choose their favorite coupons and print them all at one time.

Consumer Data and Gating Options

  • Collect Customer Information

    Use our simple information gathering tool to ask consumers to provide information about themselves before getting the coupon. Then, provide a way for consumers to sign-up for newsletters, emails, communications, and other follow-up marketing communications to keep the conversation going. You can choose from many different questions, like name, email, birthday, zip code, gender, and even ask custom questions. Build your own customer database and follow-up to create lifetime consumers.

  • Coupon Gating

    Create efficient digital coupon campaigns by gating your coupon to only allow consumers meeting certain requirements to print your coupon. You can create custom gates easily using this feature and limit which consumers gain access to your digital coupon. If you have a regional brand that needs to be limited to consumers who live in certain areas of the country; that’s easy. You can create a zip code gate that limits access to the coupon for those consumers who live within those limits. Many other gating options are available, including complex gating rule sets.

Coupon Security Controls

  • Anti-Fraud Security Features

    Build your campaign using the industry’s best practices to help prevent coupon fraud. Each and every coupon is traceable back to its origination. Unique identifiers on each coupon help detect if a fraudulent coupon is in the market. Each coupon printed is specially-coded to provide tracking information back to the original person who received it. Anti-photocopying protection is also included on every coupon.

  • In-House Software Development Team

    Our digital software platform is fully built and managed by in-house developers. We monitor our systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with the most reliable platform available. We track all user behavior and run algorithms to determine if they are friend or foe. The PromotionPod systems employ automatic user blocking techniques to help ensure that only valid users are the ones accessing your digital coupon programs.

Work The Way You Want

  • Flexible Service Plans

    Working with PromotionPod is easy for brands of all sizes. Save money by choosing a self-managed service plan or save time with a full-service plan that provides complete set-up of your offer with all the recommended settings. It’s your choice and you can always change at any time. We are here to help.

  • Simple Pricing

    Our pricing is simple. You can choose a pay-as-you-go plan with no long-term contracts or commitments. Or, you can get the most value and flexibility out of one of our annual plans. It’s your choice and we even have annual plans that fit smaller growing brands.

  • Custom Programs

    Our in-house development team can build a fully-customized program just for you. We love creating one-of-a-kind custom manufacturer’s coupons programs designed to fit your particular needs and objectives. PromotionPod works with some of the world’s largest and best CPG brands and Shopper Marketing agencies. We build upon more than 20 years of targeted coupon experience. Let us help build out the right digital coupon strategy that aligns with your CPG brand’s goals.

And much, much more…

PromotionPod’s functionality doesn’t stop there. In fact, we are constantly developing and launching new features and programs to help you to better reach your customers. Want to hear more? Or find out if your particular program is possible in PromotionPod? Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to guide you through PromotionPod!