Real-time Digital Gift Card Platform for Consumer Affairs Professionals

Introducing eGift


  • eGift gives the consumer the choice from a list of pre-selected group of retailer cards immediately and on-demand
  • Saves time! Reps do not have spend time reading from available cards.


  • eGift is a dynamic, real-time digital gift card purchasing platform
    • No pre-purchasing of specific digital gift card links
    • No storing or managing pre-purchased links from individual retailers


  • eGift generates one unique link customized to a consumer by name and case number

Benefits of eGift

  • eGift gives the consumers a choice between all pre-authorized cards by company and displays those choices on a mobile-friendly webpage
  • eGift purchases digital gift cards in real-time, alleviating the need for companies to pre-purchase, store, and manage multiple retailer cards
  • eGift adds a suggested shopping list with card
  • eGift links EXPIRE and can be set to expire in a certain number of days. No cost per unused link!
  • Get an eGift link in real-time and send to a consumer quickly in an EMAIL, TEXT, or DIRECT MESSAGE
  • All eGift pages/digital gift cards are optimized for a eGift MOBILE experience

Creating eGift Links

  • Instantly create digital gift cards in specific preauthorized denominations
  • Include brand logos and product descriptions
  • Decide if you want to include a “Recommended Products” list for consumers who receive a digital gift card (optional)


eGift is designed especially for;

  • Consumer Relations Teams
  • Employee Reward Programs
  • Loyalty Rewards Programs
  • FREE Product Giveaways
  • SAMPLING Programs

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