Customer Care

Digital Upgrade

If you’re still sending out checks or mailing coupons and/or gift cards to consumers – you’ll be happy to know that there is a better way to handle you customer care. We can plug in to your existing service platform (Astute / Wilke, Salesforce, etc.) or you can get your agents up and running in our easy-to-use dashboard.

PromotionPod Advantages

  • Pricing based on actual use, not estimates
  • Better Data / Analytics throughout entire coupon
    lifecycle and data feedback loop into CRM
  • Customer-Specific Data with Redemption
    information including retailer & location
  • No Paper Waste – Greener / Earth-Friendly
  • Each coupon contains variable data; unique
    identifiers, and dynamic rolling expiration dates
    for more fraud control & traceability

Offer Options

  • Print-at-home
  • Mail-on-demand
  • eGift

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